P2G-Hydrogen plant of industrial scale

On 2015-06-04, a Chinese-German collaboration contract has been concluded between the Land Brandenburg (surrounding the German capital Berlin) and the province of Hebei (environing the towns of Beijing et Tianjin). 

One first product of the partnership will advance the development process of power-to-gas by new experiences about economic and technologic viability: The province of Hebei is going to launch a project of a hydrogen hybrid power plant, equipped by a 4 MW electrolyzer unit. This industrial facility is functionally basing on the site at Prenzlau/Brandenburg. It will use the surplus energy generated by a 200 MW wind farm to produce hydrogen as a source of energy for the regional transportation and industry.

McPhy Energy has been chosen as supplier and signed a €6.4 million contract.
(More Info: McPhy Energy)

Photo: Signing of the contract by the Ministerpresident of Brandenburg, Dietmar Woidke (left),
and the governor of the province Hebei, Zhang Qingwei (right) (Source: