Vive la révolution !

ViveLaRevolution-01The World Climate Conference in Paris is approaching, and though the law on Energy Change & Green Grow is valid and the promise for an energy revolution has been loud and clear, the commitment seems far from being honored yet: The decrees defining the execution of the law are still waiting for their final publication and many representatives of the industry for the information about the new conditions.

Biomethane is one of the most interesting elements of the new energy and circular economy concept: Actually, 14 upgrading plants are connected to the gas grid; their production of 163 GWh per year could rise up to 30 TWh in 2030, with 1400 production units, as French energy agency ADEME is estimating.

In early 2015, during the biomethane conference organized by the German-French Bureau of Renewable Energy, GrDF was estimating, that until the end of 2016, 44 biogas upgrading units could be installed (more detailed info: „An ambitious change„).

Now the strategy commissioner of GrDF, Anthony Mazzenga, announced that the industry will really start in 2017 / 2018 ( That seems to be quite enough time to develop the sector. However, the conditions in the new regulatory statutes must enable the industry to realize projects that are interesting also from an economic point of view.

This seems quite revolutionary especially, as the big nuclear industry does not stop its power radiating: EDF just launched a statement of their strategy. They announce the rebuilding of the nuclear power plant park by replacing them until 2015 by 30 … 45 new rectors. Just one day after ADEME had finally published their study, showing that France energy supply can be ensured by renewable sources at 100%.

/Marie-Luise Schaller


An ambitious change

Bioénergie de la BrieLarge waste utilisation centres are set up mainly in the municipal sector: Lille, Morsbach, Strasbourg are examples for these industrial scale realisations. Besides these, plants on farms are making up leeway such as Bioénergie de la Brie and pools of several micro-plants emerging under numerous local farmer initiatives. …
Article in Biogasjournal: An ambitious change

Marie-Luise Schaller